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"Anything that can go
wrong will go wrong"

If you are getting a virtual from us that does not include an archiving plan, we strongly recommend you buy at least the companion local archiving option. Similarly, if you are not using one of our systems with an intrinsic remote archive plan (our mirrored virtuals and pairs are intrinsically remote archived), we strongly recommend you use some other form of remote archiving, whether provided by us or others.

The following is a list of typical system failures you will encounter over time:

Configuration, programming, or administration mistakes you make. These can destroy some or all of your data in some mistakes.
Vandalism. In spite all of precautions, sometimes people get into other people's systems. This can lead to defacing or damage of data.
Machine failure can in some instances lead to the loss of hard drives storing data (even though we use mirrored drives), or in some instances to damage of data due to harm to other components.
Catastrophic site loss due to many causes can also lead to data loss.