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Standby remote mirrored systems:
100% redundant

Easy Computing has hosting centers in two different locations: California and Pennsylvania.

We offer you the ultimate in Internet technological reliability - remotely mirrored servers.

With passive mirroring, your system runs in a single location using our high-connectivity-reliability MultiPathing technology. Your virtual machine will be mirrored nightly (or on another sequence if snapshotted) to a second machine in our alternate location. Mirroring of the whole or parts can also occur more frequently, subject to the limitations of the applications you run.

Here's what passive mirroring means to you:

Virtually no data loss. Your data backed up to a second machine nightly, or more often. Some suppliers explicitly don't make a copy of your data, others are ambiguous about it. Those that do promise archiving invariably store it on tape, and are likely to charge you a significant restoration fee because recovery may take several man-hours of their time. Only the EasyCo mirroring process assures protection and ready accessibility.

Very low downtime. If we think that fixing a broken server will take a lot of time, or we need to do extended preventive maintenance on your main server, we can electronically switch the routes to your backup server, letting you continue operation while we fix the machine. Under normal circumstances, you will normally be without web service for only 2-3 hours per year. This is about a 99.97% reliability factor. Some providers don't really care about the quality of your service. There are plenty of horror-stories of people without service for weeks. Even the conscientious ones can only give you about 99.9% reliability because machines fail and need to be preventively maintained. Only EasyCo can provide you low-cost higher reliability by design, because we offer a second machine we can cut over to if your primary goes down.

Should you use mirrored systems?

More than anything, mirroring is insurance to protect yourself against catastrophic things going wrong. If you have a remotely mirrored pair of systems with daily synchronization your worst data loss is a day's worth. In principal, your downtime is limited to 30 minutes while we convert DNS entries to point to the standby server.

Conversely, if you only have a single server our catastrophe is your catastrophe if you are operating out of the affected data center. You will minimally be out of business until we or someone else can get you up and running on your last good data set. This may be several weeks of downtime depending upon circumstances. If your data was not backed up remotely, and is not salvable you will have lost everything. If you backed up periodically, you will only have lost all the data since your last remote backup.

Standby mirroring will cost you more, but not immensely more, than our basic service. It typically only costs a little more than MultiPath systems with a reasonable remote backup policy. You need to decide if the small extra cost is worth the reduced risks.