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What our customers say about
our virtual and dedicated services

EasyCo virtual and dedicated server customers are very happy campers. Consider some of the following comments:

"We run well over 10,000 auctions on e-bay at any time. With your help, we have grown from a small virtual server to the point where we have two of your dedicated severs.

The reliability of EasyCo services keeps our auction posters, web customer order reconciliation, back office greenscreen tools, and e-mail based customer service functions running 7x24. I'm glad we're no longer trying to do it ourselves. We just could not obtain the reliability and performance EasyCo has provided us since we switched to you in May, 2001."

Greg Bierly
Choice Brands Equestrian
Hazleton, PA


"We provide dental insurance management services to a number of insurers. With MultiPathing, our web applications just keep running. We get virtually no reports of customer downtime even though all operators are 'heads down' users. Customers using our older green screen applications are also very happy with their terminal and printer reliability. Best of all, because our customers have to comply with the data protection requirements of HIPAA, having Triple-DES, SSL, and SSH encryption protocols makes us compliant as a service provider. I'm glad we moved our service out of our own offices, because we just could never have obtained the security, reliability, or convenience doing it ourselves."

Bob Watson
Jacksonville, FL
(Customer since January 2001)


"We have been running for more than 3 years with virtually no downtime, and almost no service calls."

Meredith Rose
Bearing Service Company
Pittsburgh PA
(over 200 green screen devices and printers in 7 locations; customer since October 1999)


"Your bulletproof greenscreen technology lets me set up a terminal session or system printer in 5 to 10 minutes. Once they are running, the connections are stable as a rock. I never get a support calls about failed gateway connections. We often run for months between support calls"

Leif Petterson
Norse Systems
Guilford, CT
(Customer since January 2001)


"Recently I was interrupted on the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend, and I did not return to my desk until the following Tuesday. Upon my return I realized I had three-hours of heavy-duty coding time invested in editing a program I had left un-saved. I was pleasantly surprised when my "FI" echoed "'Prog' filed in file 'BP'."

This kind of stuff makes me a believer. Heretofore, Telnet across the Internet has been so shaky I'd get nervous about relying on it even for a 15 minute sales demo. With your true virtual servers, and your secure reliable gateway, we finally have the security, stability, and reliability to both develop and to deploy enterprise systems using 'public' resources."

Dave Hopper
D.L. Hopper and Associates
Morehead City, NC
(Customer since March 2002)