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Custom Private Linux Servers
from $15/month

This is the perfect system for users that need the flexibility of a complete Linux system, but don't need the computing power of a dedicated server. On the other hand, this machine can be grown into a full dedicated server, or into a server-system for mission-critical environments.

  Full Linux build and root access lets you do anything  
  UML virtual server technology keeps costs low  
Total control of your environment
Turn servers on/off yourself
Console gives you boot-process access
User administerable firewall application
Custom-sized to your needs
Reliable "computing systems"
Choice of primary system location
Local and remote backup-data stores
Local and remote mirrored systems
Enhanced connection-reliability systems
Customised support and administation
Far more reliable than do-it-yourself
Robust infrastucture
Reduced software failure downtimes
Down-times reduced to minutes from days
Automated archiving prevents data loss
Mirroring permits immediate cutover
Hacker protection
Phone support included for all systems
From just $15 a month
2gb Disk
128mb ram
20gb transfer
  30-day money-back guarantee  

The prices shown here are retail. If you intend to
resell our systems and services, or will produce a
saleable Internet service based upon our products,
you may be entitled to substantial discounts.

If you have questions, please
call us toll free at 800-470-2756